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Enjoy the Hawaiian Slack Key Music of George Kahumoku Jr.

George Kahumoku, Jr. plays traditional and original songs in two slack key guitar tunings celebrating the cowboy, horse, and ranching in Hawaii.  Three of the 18 songs are originals, including He Mele No Nā Lio, a vocal theme song composed for Maui’s newest live attraction, Nā Lio (The Horses); and Pi’iholo Sunset, an instrumental inspired by a recent horseback ride at Pi’iholo Ranch.


The 15 traditional songs are mostly ones that George heard and sang growing up in a large musical family. Titles include such classics as Kilakila ‘O Haleakala, Kona Kai ‘Opua, Kupa Landing, and Pu’uanahulu.


To use George’s own words

”I come from a musical family of paniolo, fishermen, & farmers. My father, George Sr., quit school after the 8th grade and broke horses for McCandless Ranch in South Kona, among other things. My great grandfather, Willy Kahumoku, was instrumental in building the stone walls that contained the cattle from Kona all the way to Waimea. My parents, grandparents, great grandparents all played Kiho’alu, or Slack Key guitar. I’ve been playing & performing Slack Key guitar, farming, and ranching all of my life. Till today I continue our Hawaiian family tradition of ranching and farming by raising goats, sheep, and miniature horses on our small farm on Maui. I grow a wide array of fruit, taro, vegetables, and Hawaiian herbal teas with my wife, Nancy.”

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