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Read what are guests have been saying this month about their experience at Nā Lio Maui.

All reviews listed on this page are comments left on our comment cards at the end of the show during our current month.

10-30-2015 - Dolly G.

"Absolutely awesome!  We've never seen such a spectacular show!"

10-30-2015 - Kalei J.

"Beautiful Show!  Historical and entertaining.  An important addition to our Maui entertainment."

10-16-2015 - Barb P.

"We have been coming to Maui for close to 20 years, and I am so excited to be her at Nā Lio.  It is by far the best thing we have done on this visit."

10-16-2015 - Sammy S.

"Great Venture and a beautiful setting.  A taste of the real Hawaii Islands."

10-16-2015 - Allen D.

"Office staff very friendly and accommodating.  Site of Nā Lio is gorgeous.  Hawaiian musicians add pleasure to the show!  A Nice touch at conclusion - cast mingling with audience."

10-16-2015 - Stephen K.

"Entertaining & informative!  Great Show with a close-knit and intimate feel.  Horses are spectacular!  Excellent Scenery."

10-16-2015 - Arlana S.

"A Beautiful and Lovely Show.  An entertaining evening worth the cost of your ticket.  Colorful & Informative on the history of the horse in Hawaii."

10-09-2015 - Anita B.

"Great new shoe for visitors & locals."

10-09-2015 - Michelle J.

"What a unique & fun way to spend an evening in Maui.  Been here many times but have never had such a special time as watching Nā Lio!  History, talent & of course beatiful horses!!  Loved it all."

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